More than ever, information represents a prime strategic base for every
economic situation - business or personal.



  • Due diligence - Asset searches
  • Pre-hiring - Background checks
  • Theft, fraud, misappropriation, corruption
  • Unfair competition, trademark infringement
  • Infiltration
  • Process server's affidavit (preparation)
  • detective


  • Disappearance, missing person locate
  • Debtor
  • Patrimony
  • Income
  • Computing data
  • investigator


  • Time table control
  • Shadowing
  • Eavesdrop detect
  • HD Video file
  • investigation
    Today, dealing with the dematerialisation of the economy, the globalisation of markets, the evolution of lifestyles and the acceleration of these changes, means that relevant and reliable information is essential for every business and individual in order to :
    •  clarify decisions
    •  anticipate changes in the environment
    •  be alert to relevant important events
    However, when endeavouring to access information, the layman can encounter various obstacles, including lack of time, difficulty of extracting the necessary information from the mass of available data, where to find the relevant information, and the lack of techniques required, whether conducting a corporate intelligence or a simple enquiry.
    What the business decision maker or community needs, in order to carry out coherently strategic tactics and achieve specific objectives, is accurate and reliable data.
    The services that we offer are carried out promptly, at competitive rates, comply with all legal requirements and are guaranteed to protect and preserve our clients' rights and interests.
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